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Becoming a father was a transformative experience for me.  From the first moment that I held my daughter, the enormous responsibility of having a perfect, tiny person completely dependent on me to keep her safe and provide for her needs settled on my shoulders.  I knew I would always want to go above and beyond to do what was best for her. 

Peanut Allergy Study

When I first heard about the LEAP peanut allergy study (www.leapstudy.com), I was committed to introducing peanuts to my baby as early as possible. Unfortunately, I did not find any great options or answers to my peanut allergy questions. Research shows that peanut introduction should begin as early as four months, but peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut snacks are all choking hazards to infants and can contain high amounts of salt, sugar, or, most concerning, corn starch. Because I was unable to find any good options, I decided to do something about it.  I met with a group of pediatricians and, under their direction, developed a peanut introduction product created specifically for infants and toddlers called Simply Peanut™.

Simply Peanut™ contains an ORGANIC peanut flour derived from U.S. grown peanuts. In addition, Simply Peanut™ contains several essential vitamins making it the ideal immune boost product for your infant.  Simply Peanut™ is USDA Organic, Kosher, gluten-free, GMO-free product.  Simply goodness!

Simply Peanut is a SIMPLE, SAFE and EASY way to introduce peanuts to infants as young as four months. The Simply Peanut package contains just the right amount of peanut protein needed for peanut introduction, removing the guesswork.

I am excited to share Simply Peanut with the world.  My hope is that the simplicity of my product will help caregivers take the necessary steps to protect their own little peanuts.  I believe that Simply Peanut is going to save lives. 

Simply Peanut for Your Peanut

If you’re  eager to start protecting your little one, Simply Peanut has the safe, easy solution for you. Buy Simply Peanut formula today!

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