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TIME | Some theories about preventing peanut allergies

Video Highlights: 

  • "About 6 million young children in the US suffer from food allergies -- most commonly to peanut"

  • "The hope is that by introducing peanuts early, doctors can maybe prevent children from ever having a full-fledged allergy"


CNN | New peanut allergy prevention guidelines start in infancy

Article Highlights: 

  • "Peanut allergy affects about 2% of the children in the United States, and those numbers appear to be growing."

  • "infants should be introduced to peanut-containing foods as early as 4 months"


Medpage Today |   NIH Panel Recommends Early Peanut Introduction for High-Risk Infants

Article Highlights:

  • "These new guidelines from NIAID advocate for the early introduction of peanuts among infants at increased risk of peanut allergy."

  • "Those at moderate risk should have peanuts introduced at six months of age, while those at high-risk should undergo IgE or skin-prick testing prior to introduction"


World Allergy Organization Journal: Consensus communication on early peanut introduction and the prevention of peanut allergy in high-risk infants

Article Highlights: 

  • The purpose of this brief communication is to highlight emerging evidence to existing guidelines regarding potential benefits of supporting early, rather than delayed, peanut introduction during the period of complementary food introduction in infants


The Huffington Post: Experts Now Recommend Introducing Peanuts To Babies At High Risk Of Allergies


U.S.News: How to Introduce Peanut-Containing Foods to Your Infant to Avoid Allergy


CBS News: New guidelines to prevent peanut allergies in kids


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