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Recommendations for Best Results

With the rate of peanut allergies having tripled in just a single decade and numbers projected to rise well into the future, more and more parents are taking precautionary measures to reduce their child’s risk of developing the potentially life-threatening allergy. As one of the leading peanut introduction brands for infants, Simply Peanut contains organic peanut flour derived from U.S. grown peanuts that contains the essential vitamins that help boost your infant’s immune system.

As a simple, safe, and easy way to introduce peanuts to your little loved one, Simply Peanut suggests heeding the following tips for best results.

4 months - 6 months?

  • Add Simply Peanut peanut extract to breast milk, formula or water
  • Use 3m+ nipple size for best flow results

Use Simply Peanut twice a day, 3 times a week

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6 months+

  • Add Simply Peanut™ peanut extract to baby food
  • Add Simply Peanut to breast milk, formula or water
  • Use 6+ month nipple size for best flow results

Use Simply Peanut twice a day, 3 times a week


Peanut Introduction system for infants 4 months-old to 12 months-old of age. Empty contents of one packet into a 4-6 oz. bottle of breastmilk, formula or any volume of baby food, twice a day, three times a week. Shake vigorously. Contents may settle in bottle after several minutes, shake again to redistribute contents.

Get Started

With Simply Peanut’s tested peanut extract formula, you can start introducing your infant to peanuts as early as four-months-old. Getting them started at a young age helps to boost their immune system as they age. Purchase our peanut introduction three-month supply product of Simply Peanut formula today and rest assured that you’re giving your little peanut the best peanut introduction product on the market.