3 Month Product Supply

3 Month Product Supply


The 3 month product supply includes 72 single units of SIMPLE and EASY to use Simply Peanut packets in 3 equal boxes.

Simply Peanut™ contains an ORGANIC peanut flour derived from U.S. grown peanuts. In addition, Simply Peanut™ contains several ESSENTIAL vitamins making it the ideal immune boost product for your infant.  Simply Peanut™ is USDA Organic, Kosher, gluten-free, GMO free product.  Simply goodness!

Research shows that peanut introduction should begin as early as four months. Simply Peanut™ is a SIMPLE, SAFE and EASY way to introduce peanuts to infants as young as four months. The Simply Peanut™ package contains just the right amount of peanut protein needed for peanut introduction, removing the guesswork.

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