Simply Peanut + BABY = Peanut Strong 

“Newly issued clinical guidelines from NIH recommend early peanut introduction, not avoidance”

American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology


Did you know that peanut allergies have more than doubled the last ten years in the United States?

“It is estimated that 1-2% of all children born are affected. Peanut Allergy is often severe and lifelong. The new guidelines recommend early peanut introduction of peanut protein for infants. They caution, however, that peanuts and peanut butter are choking hazards, and advise on forms that are safe for infants.”

Scott H. Sichere M.D. of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Leap Study (learning Early about Peanut)

LEAP is a clinical trial investigating how to best prevent Peanut Allergy in young children.

If you avoid early peanut introduction your child is “7 times more likely to develop a peanut allergy…”

Learning Early About Peanut Study

Why Simply Peanut?

Simply Peanut is an organic and nutritious portion-controlled serving of organic peanut protein and vitamins perfect for babies starting at 4-12 months old of age.

Easy to use and
Mess free

As early as four months of age, easily add Simply Peanut to breast milk, formula & at 6 months easily add Simply Peanut to baby food, puree, or apple sauce.

Pediatrician and Allergist recommended

Simply Peanut is a worry-free way to introduce your baby to peanuts while avoiding the choking hazards of peanuts and peanut butter.


Developed under the direction of a team of Pediatricians and an Allergist,  Simply Peanut contains 2 grams of USDA Organic peanut flour plus a proprietary blend of vitamins that are essential to build your babies immune system.

Our Roots

After finding no peanut introduction kits for infants that were healthy and safe, Simply Peanut’s founder decided to take matters into his own hands and create a peanut formula that can be implemented into the diet of infants as young as four months old. Unlike other peanut allergy products that are packed with salt, sugar, and cornstarch, the Simply Peanut’s organic formula is safe and easy to use

Simply Peanut contains an ORGANIC peanut flour delivered from U.S. grown peanuts. The peanuts are roasted and pressed in an all-natural oil extracting process without the addition of solvents. Simply Peanut is an ALL NATURAL, Kosher, gluten- free, GMO FREE product. Simply goodness!


simply peanut™

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), "introducing infants to peanuts at an early age is now highly recommended ..."  After results of the Learning Early About Peanut allergy (LEAP) trial, "researchers found that children at high risk of a developing peanut allergy were far less likely to develop an allergy if they are introduced to peanuts before turning one year old."

Developed under the direction of Pediatricians, Simply Peanut provides parents with an ALL NATURAL introductory system to peanuts with a proprietary essential immune boost for infants 4 months of age.***